Zen Mode

I did yoga tonight. I introduced my little sister to it. She was a natural.

I feel totally zen now. I also don't have anything to say in a blog post.

Except sorry I haven't been a faithful poster. I'm a busy person.

I deliver papers twice a week, teach skating AND figure skate Tuesday and Thursday, ballet on Wednesday, and tap on Thursday.

Sorry. No one cares about my schedule. I just want to say that

a) My novel is laying guiltily on my mind (it's been neglected) and
b) I'm nervous about a garage band performance tomorrow.

Garage band, you say? It's a modern school band my awesome band director Mr. M created. There's, like, vocalists (fancier than singers), guitar, keyboard (me), drums. We play CLASSIC ROCK: Hotel California is our personal hit. I love eighties music so much. It's my new thing. Top of my list:

Billy Joel
Corey Hart

Elton John (okay, so he's not eighties. He's been around forever. But he's a tank.)


Tati said...

Hello there!
thanks for the super sweet comment on Material Evidence! Sofi and I really appreciate it and it mean A LOT! I love yoga, it makes me feel so refreshed. I sometimes go to classes with my mom or do it at school for gym class and I feel super relaxed. It kinda makes you feel like nothings wrong in the world for the time you are doing it and a little after :)

to answer your questions, don't force your own style upon yourself. You'll find it in the smallest things. For instance ill look at photographs and paintings in museums and little things inspire me to create BIG things (which i usually express through my writing, own interpretation of art, and clothing). As you know I really like to sew, so most of the clothes I make on my blog, but for YOU, i think you should start getting your inspiration through magazines. Rip out pictures of clothing and (even furniture!) and baked goods, and you'll see if your style is rocker, soft, edgy, classic ect. Then you can go to thrift shops and just find what you like. I don't think there is any "specific" style but your own which makes it the best part about fashion. Many people mock the idea of fashion but there is more to it than just the thrill of being "in" or "trendy". There is the actual thought behind it. So I hope this helps. I feel as if I've written an essay! Anyway go to thrift shops (never buy full price, thats my key in life, there is always somewhere that's cheaper) and you can also go to outlets, or yardsales, target, walmart. Hope thats helpful!
XX, Tati

Sofi said...

Haha! looks like Tati beat me to the punch!
But I do agree with what she says. I would not say that my style is over-the-top in any way. If you look at out post Suburban Outfitters, that is how I usually dress. the vintage jacket-cardigan thingy, tee shirt, ripped jeans and my trusty ked-knock-offs. and then I'll wear big earrings or a necklace. I am very much a jeans and a tee-shirt person, but I try to make simple style more my own with vintage things and anything that jumps out at me! Also my own personal philosophy is that, if you wouldn't want to walk a couple miles in it (on account of weather or overly-high heels or embarrasement)never wear it. Really, if you know yourself, you will know what you are comfortable with and you will know how far you can push the limit. And just be yourself in you dressing.
Good luck!
p.s. find your local (vintage or other) second hand clothing store. if you live anywhere near Manyunk (outside Philly) go to the Attic.

jckandy said...

Thanks so much, you guys! That's awesome! Sadly, I live in a small town, so I make trips to the nearest city for all my shopping needs. However, my aunt has totally agreed to dig for stuff at a thrift shop!! So I'm thrilled. Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you for your expertise!!

Sofi said...

No prob, thats what we blog for :)

Anonymous said...

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