World Transitions

Have you ever felt like there are multiple dimensions in your life? You know, almost like multiple personalities? Have you ever watched the Criminal Minds episode where the janitor has MP disorder and can unknowingly switch between his regular self: shy, reclusive, quiet: and his opposite self, Amanda, a nasty, violent, murderous villain? That's what I feel like sometimes, only not in my personality but in my life. It's like different worlds, from when you're mingling with friends to when you're walking on a beach. The first is a louder, looser atmosphere, but with the faint underlying tension of the fact that you're under scrutiny. The latter can be entirely relaxed, solitary, at peace with the world.

For me, the other place I visited today was the farm where we board our horses. Out there, fluorescent lights feel far away. It's hard to think of makeup and homework, skirts and cell phones and such, when you're out there. The farm is in the middle of nowhere, basically. It's a good twenty minutes from town. There are cows, and horses, and sheltie dogs, and the family who lives there. And that's it.

When we're out riding, it's kind of hilly, but not like a mountain. The scrubby, dirt-and-grass patches form sort of rolling hills. That makes it sound like poetic oceans of velvet green, when in reality it's peppered with rocks and ruts and inset with sloughs. But when you're on a hill, atop a living creature, with wind blowing your hair around and barely any civilization nearby, it feels like you're a step closer to nature.

I'm learning so much from my horses. Unless you've ridden often, you might not fully comprehend how much personality they have. That sounds strange, but it's true. I had kind of thought that, deep down, horses are horses no matter who rides them. And that is SO NOT TRUE. It depends on the rider almost more than the horse!

Our horses, Bo and Yoshi, are really excellent horses. Bo is a lazy old 17-year-old who has pretty much seen it all. Yoshi's been handled by kids. So they're both really good...but although Bo is usually pretty nonchalant about...everything, Yoshi is like a toddler. He is meek if he has to be (aka: if the rider is experienced) and then he is careful and quiet. He runs to the sound of his name, and follows people around in his pen. But once you slip on his halter and lead, he does NOT want to do what he's told.

He's still a good horse, though. We just need to teach him a few lessons.


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Tati said...

thanks for the really sweet comment! I completely agree about the models and eating disorders and how the 'look' is so specific that there is hardly anymore personality in some of the art. Don't get me wrong, I love looking at ads and some of them are super creative, but sometimes they are just so average and non-original. I also know exactly what your talking about and how riding makes you feel so open, and the horses have such personality. They are amazing companions :)