I don't have it. Not yet.

However, I am indeed ILL. It is not fun, not fun at all. Particularly not with all of my current activities going on. Yesterday I woke up and felt like crap. I went to school. I still felt like crap. I wrote an incredibly easy current events test, except I didn't want to study last night so it was hard. It was pathetic. The EA in my classroom, Mrs. M, commented that I looked ill. She talked to my father, who is a teacher at the high school. He told me to go home. And I did. I had a gross cough which ripped my ab muscles in half every time I coughed, because we had a fitness test on Monday. I died a little. Plus, my brain felt like swollen mucus and dizzy and heavy. I watched Harry Potter number one, the Philosopher's Stone, and I enjoyed it. I enjoyed laughing at how young Daniel Radcliffe looked. Hermione had bushy hair with little curl, just bush. With bangs. Ron just looked the same, mostly. He's a red-head baby face. He always looks the same. He's such a cutie.

Aw...they are so cute.

In my school's haunted house, I am a tour guide. I was nervous about it. Now, however, I'm sick.I hope I can still go to it. Even if they get another tour guide. I can be a random body, or someone. It'll be fun.

I couldn't go back to school the afternoon. I felt gross.

I am getting educated in eighties music. It's grand.


Lexi said...

Hi!!! Just read your other posts!

I know what you mean about music-- my mom is a classical pianist and i've been listening to music since i was in the womb, practically. It's fun. yay!


pps daniel radcliff is short

Liam said...

Aw...poor Rupert. I used his picture in a project I did. I hope he doesn't mind being condemned to play David Lawson from Wings...

jckandy said...

Lexi: Daniel Radcliffe is short. Really short. He's, like, 5"6. I'M that tall.

Liam: I am sure Rupert wouldn't mind.