My New Blog!!

Yes, I made another new blog. I tend to do that a lot, don't I?

No promises on staying faithful. But...even I find it cool.

Anyone remember Clarabelle? That was the tentative title of one of my novels. But I chose to work on Miriam's Isle, instead. Which, by the way, is going badly. I think I did ten pages of revisions before I gave up. But not for good. I'm just really busy right now in the school year. I'll have to work it in. I mean, I didn't go on my laptop at all last week. That's a record. For me.

Anyways: Clarabelle. My vampire chick. She has another blog! Only it's not like the one where I decided to post chapters. It is like Clarabelle has her own blog. You can check it out at http://weeping-tears-of-blood.blogspot.com for what she has going on.

Also, I figured when I actually write Clarabelle, I can use the blog for the tidbits to stick in the novel. Please check it out, and post a comment under "Rants". I'm excited about this!

And now I have to study for a Francais test. Est-ce que je peux ouvrir fenetre?

I forget what it means. I really need to study.
Something about a window. Can I Open A Window. Apparently that is a mandatory sentence.

(P.S. My new passion is 80's music. Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson, White Snake, Duran Duran. It's all good.)


Liam said...

I'm the first follower of TOB! Yay!

jckandy said...

Yay, Liam!